Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione
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  • 460 HP
  • power to weight ratio 1:2,5
  • strengthened by welding the connecting points, lightened, exterior color: Ducati Yellow PPG
  • electronics: completely new harness down to the last cable, relay and switch, silicone cables used
  • Stand alone engine management Autronic SM2 (programmable effectivity of ALS(anti lag system)
  • 2x Boost control (boost1 = 1,35 bar / boost2 = 1,8 bar), adaptable launch control, cool down
  • Flat Shift option, protection of the engine from overeheating etc...)
  • CDI ignition module (approx. 50000V), custom map
  • alternator comes from Audi RS2 120Ah, needed for the extra lights (4x130W) and 2 fuel pumps
  • EGT meter for all four cylinders with alarm
  • Special extra powerfull, electronically contolled regulation valve for ALS with continuous regulation (WRC Rallycross Specification system).
  • 2042cm3, 4cyl., 8,5:1 CR, 16v dohc, cams 258° and 255° (Gr.A Lancia Racing Abarth)
  • Wiseco 85,00mm (new gen. coating) pistons with 21mm wrist pin, forged H beam rods (148mm)
  • 960 cc injectors, external wastegate Tial 44mm
  • custom stainless exhaust manifold (42 mm diameter)
  • 4 sensors for EGT for each cylinder , lambda sensor for correct A/F ratio
  • Garrett GT-30R turbo (76mm compressor side, 104mm inlet) dual ballbearing
  • custom 76mm full stainless exhaust, Thermotec complete isolation, Motul Racing 20W-60 oil
  • 12mm head bolts + ARP nuts, titanium bolts, nuts and pins used on turbo
  • stainless gaskets, K&N air filter
  • additional oil cooler and water cooler with fan
  • Motul Racing cooling fluid (boiling point approx. 136°C)
  • extra fans on the intercooler, Samco Sport hoses all around
  • strengthened engine and transmission brackets with Gr.A engine and trans mounts
  • Bilstein height adjustable shocks with 62mm diameter piston
  • up side down system with interchangeable springs from 28 till 70kg/cm depending on track surface
  • whole rear axle and suspension with control arms strengthened and modified
  • stiffer mounts on Uniballs
  • dural bottom protection shield covering the whole underside of the car with 5mm thickness
Transmission and differentials:
  • covers strengthened and welded (Alumec plate welded in), straight cut gears
  • strengthened all shafts, special strengthened centre differential with 46/54% F-R ratio
  • front limited slip differential with 65% lock and 45Nm pre-tension
  • centre visco is the Ferguson type
  • drive shafts are EVO3, Castrol SAF-XJ 75W-140 oil
  • rear differential is factory Abarth with 100% lock ability during acceleration and 75% during deceleration with 50Nm pre-tension
  • hydraulic, magnesium, twin plate AP Racing
  • 215mm ferramic effective up to 890Nm torque, with special flywheel weighting 3,5kg (OEM is 8,5kg)
  • steep rallye specification with ratio of 1,6 x of the OEM steering ratio (1,3 lock to lock)
  • Speedline Montecarlo (magnesium) 8x17 et 33 with 225/45 R17 Bridgestone RE 070 tires
  • Speedline 7,5x16 et 35 with Uniroyal Rain Sport2 225/45 R16 tires
  • Speedline 7,5x15 et 37 Continental TS 790 (winter) tires 205/55 R15
  • front 4 piston AP Racing 330mm rotors, Pagid RS2-2 pads, rear 278mm rotors, Ferrodo Racing pads
  • no power brakes since the car uses ALS, just like in WRC cars, Motul brake fluid
  • independent brake lines for hydraulic handbrake with Brembo calipers
  • custom made for my proportions, using components from OMP, Sparco, Sabelt dural, kevlar and carbon, elox-dural
Measured data:
  • 0-100km/h 2,5sec, top speed 218km/h at 7250 rpm (rev. limiter 7250)
Misc Info:
  • Curb weight 1165kg